Stick Your Foot in the Breadfruit

Language is incredibly fascinating. The meaning of words and phrases changes from culture to culture. Learning a new language not only teaches you about other cultures but also makes you really [...]

Cultural Diversity Readiness

What does the Owl symbolize in your culture? We hear some saying wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, education, but hear others saying death and pessimism. Have you launched a new product in Brazil [...]

Daylight Saving Time Impacting Culture

This past weekend, about 40% of countries worldwide recognized Daylight Saving Time (DST) by shifting clocks across the globe. DST represents a seasonal time change aimed at maximizing daylight [...]

Localizing Beyond the Words: Images, Emojis, and Colors

In any type of content, words are incredibly important. As a language solutions company, Vocalink Global has a deep respect for language. Our linguists are experts at transforming a message from [...]

Delighting Your End Users

We’ve all attended some sort of business conference, trade show, or convention. The typical focus of these events is the current state of and/or future of an industry. This year, the [...]

When Is 2 O’Clock Not 2 O’Clock? It’s Time for Localization.

In my previous blog, “Are you Stoic or Expressive?” we explored one of the biggest cultural differences that impacts how patients communicate with healthcare providers, particularly regarding [...]

The Opposite of English-Only Rules

It’s been more than a decade since “English-Only” workplace rules had their 15-minutes of infamy in the media. In the end, the bottom line was that U.S. employers must tread very, very carefully [...]

3 Things to Do When You’re Doing Business in a New Country

If you’re planning to do business in a new country, you want to make sure it’s, well, the business. That means a lot of up front planning. Here are three essential areas for you to [...]

Can’t Read, Won’t Buy: Localization is Key!

By Amelia Rodriguez CEO, Vocalink Language Services Can’t Read, Won’t Buy: I love this title! It comes from one of my favorite companies in the whole world, Common Sense Advisory. [...]

Stoic or Expressive? Culture’s Part in Communication

“You learn something new every day” is one of my favorite sayings … because it is just so true. Last week, I stumbled across a reference to Geri-Ann Galanti’s Caring for Patients from Different [...]