Life Sciences

Energizing Wellness Through Mutual Understanding

We honor wellness. We esteem those who create wellness pathways that inspire people to take charge of their own health. The Life Sciences industry encompasses all those who contribute to health, quality of life and wellness: the innovators researching and developing new treatment options, devices, and medications; the healthcare facilities and medical providers offering preventative care, diagnosis and treatment; the educators teaching patients and caregivers about health and wellness; the insurers there to help manage the costs of healthcare, and beyond.

To enable individuals to take advantage of the innovations, options, and education available, life science industry leaders like you rely on all forms of communication … from the most basic conversation or letter to the most advanced e-Learning and online portal systems imaginable. To be effective, you know you must create a native voice to engage diverse populations and craft personalized experiences that respect language and culture.

At Vocalink Global, we energize wellness through mutual understanding. We partner with you to create a seamless experience for diverse populations.

Healthcare Facilities

The future of healthcare revolves around creating a positive experience for the healthcare consumer. To create a positive patient experience for diverse populations, you must coordinate communication across language and culture. Learn More

Health Education

Today’s healthcare consumers demand education. And that education spans media and channels, with ever-increasing focus on e-Learning and video-based education. To be effective, health education must be localized for your audience. Learn More

Health Insurance

Health insurers are the conduit through which consumers access healthcare and manage cost. Your members are diverse. You endeavor to create personalized experiences for your members, allowing them to achieve their best health outcomes and make informed decisions. Communication is key, and today’s communication goes well beyond hard copy sent in the mail. You communicate with your members on the phone, in person, via email and text message, through documents, online portals, and your website. Learn More

Medical Supplies & Devices

Wellness is supported by a wide variety of medical devices and supplies … each of which come with a wide variety of content: technical documentation, user manuals, how-to videos, marketing materials, and so much more. To market to a global network of buyers and ensure safe and efficient use of your innovations anywhere in the world, you must communicate on a global level. Learn more

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