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Creating Common Understanding

The simple fact that people want – and need – to be heard and understood is as true in business settings as it is in our personal lives, and often, the stakes can be even higher. Vocalink Global provides reliable professional interpreting to make crucial conversations easier every day, all over the world. Interpreting services include verbal and nonverbal translation of both words and meaning between people who speak different languages, either in real-time (simultaneous) or at intervals (consecutive). We offer both short-notice and long-term interpreting services, with more than 275 languages in our interpreting portfolio.

On Demand, In the Field, Ready for Action

From resolving financial questions to saving patient lives, our clients often have little time to wait for an interpreter. With more than 400 Interpreters available around the world, we are there for you when, where and how you need us. Many of our interpreters are subject matter experts in specific fields, adding greater value to the services our clients provide to their customers. EVERY Vocalink Global interpreter upholds the highest standards of privacy and security to protect our clients and their customers.

Worldwide Team with World Class Training

Vocalink Global employs professional interpreters who bring both linguistic dexterity and interpersonal finesse to every interaction. Our linguists have access to one of the best training programs in the industry. “The Community Interpreter,” a nationally recognized 40-hour training program, delves deep into ethics, protocols, strategies, cultural mediation, and other critical skills that define effective interaction across languages and cultures.

Interpreting Services Provided

Our comprehensive suite of solutions includes onsite, over-the-phone, video remote, and conference solutions available on demand to match your busy pace and preferences.

Onsite Interpreting Vocalink Global provides onsite interpreters to clients at any location around the world. Their attentive, personal approach and professional conduct smooth away language barriers to promote clarity and transparency in every situation, including business negotiations, professional conferences, technical meetings, medical or social service appointments, trials, and depositions. Learn More >

American Sign Language When you engage us for ASL interpreting, you’re working with high-quality interpreters, a positive customer experience, an easy-to-use video platform, and 24 / 7 access to our online scheduling system. Learn More >

Instant Live Phone Interpreting When you need to communicate in another language right away, or need access to interpreters in rare languages, over-the-phone interpreting (OPI) is a solid resource. Many times, a phone call is not only more efficient, but it’s also a quicker solution. With Vocalink Global’s OPI solution, professional interpreters in more than 275 languages are just a phone call away. Learn More >

Healthcare Interpreting Efficiency Audit LingoStats360 is an innovative audit program that uses hard data to help healthcare providers improve compliance and use their resources more efficiently to make professional language services available to Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients. Learn More >

Instant Live Video Interpreting Vocalink Global offers live video remote interpreters any time, every day, anywhere. Our trained, qualified, professional interpreters are just a click away. Video Remote Interpreting provides the convenience of access to thousands of linguists through the U.S. and around the world, with the benefit of including non-verbal, visual communication cues. We will provide a skilled linguist who is a subject matter expert in the topic at hand to ensure accuracy for your situation. Learn More >

Interpreting Assessments & Training We offer hands-on, customized language assessment tools, complete results and recommendations and training. Vocalink Global is a licensed trainer of The Community Interpreter®, a nationally recognized training program for medical, educational, and social services interpreters. We also offer OpenLingo, an e-learning program that uses distance learning technology to offer a selection of single-topic training modules. Learn More >

Medical Interpreting When it comes to health and wellness, precise communication is everything. With Vocalink Global, our clients never need to worry about language getting in the way of patient care. Learn More >


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