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In multilingual, multicultural communications, understanding is the hero of the story. That may start with words, but it quickly expands to meaning, context, format and interdependent resources. At Vocalink Global, we don’t just translate words into a target language. Our Translation Services ensure our clients are understood in any format or channel, with cultural relevance and efficient processes. Whether our clients are marketing to a global audience, seeking to educate a key population, or sharing corporate updates across international locations, concise and accurate translation is essential for engaging stakeholders and spurring action. Translation Services are a key component to managing brands locally and globally, and to expanding business internationally.

Content, Context and Translation Services that Connect

To ensure our clients get the message across regardless of format, our Translation Services team first gains a comprehensive understanding of the purpose behind the translation and the medium to be used. We then select professionals from our extensive talent pool to best fit the project scope based on specialized needs and language requirements. Our team thoroughly studies the source material to ensure the intent of the messaging is carried over into the translated copy. The result: the right translation solutions using the right linguists, terminology, and technology to make communication easy in any language. Just as important, our clients own the linguistic assets we provide create, maintain, and host for them.

Services Provided

Transcreation Unlike standard translation solutions, which seek to create as exact a match as possible between the source and target languages, transcreation is a creative process that emphasizes original copywriting over simply translating written copy. Messages, concepts, and branding are preserved while the language and format are adapted to deliver the highest impact in the target market. Learn more >

Desktop Publishing (DTP) From print ads to web documents, brochures, presentations, training materials, posters, signage, cards, presentation boards, and more for internal and external audiences, the content and the design must be relevant to the target market. Our desktop publishing solutions combine accomplished linguists with talented graphic designers to deliver high-impact, appropriate materials for every market segment. Learn more >

Marketing Translation Going global? Businesses need a reliable marketing translation partner that knows how to eliminate barriers by delivering consistent messaging across different formats, in different languages, for different cultures. We understand the art of marketing and the science of customer segmentation. No matter if the content is in print, audio, video, or animation, our skilled linguists will translate the content to the target languages. Learn more >

Legal Translation When it comes to translating legal documents, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Business partnerships, innovation protections, even individual rights could be at stake, which is why we take a hands-on, consultative approach to legal translation. We deploy specific processes for legal-related content and appreciate the sensitivity of this type of content. Learn more >

Medical Translation Being understood takes on a heightened level of urgency when health, safety, and security hinge on the accuracy of translated content. We employ the highest standards of care when translating medical content, which is why industry leaders trust us with their materials and maintain a strict focus on the sensitive nature of the materials we work with. As a result, we deliver best practices and comply with regulatory requirements and clinical protocols. Learn more >

Video Translation More than ever before, video serves as an important tool for training, sales, marketing, communications, security, and disability support. We translate and process the source language in different formats for dubbing, voiceover, subtitling, or captioning, with keen attention to how the actual information is presented in subtitles and captions, affirming that language direction, punctuation, line breaks, text size, and ligature are all adapted to the target audience. Learn more >

Quality Assurance Focused on simplification and flexibility, we designed a proprietary translation quality assurance and management system combining the “sweet spots” from ISO 17100:2015 and other quality evaluation metrics. Fundamental quality procedures are at the core, and customizable workflows are designed based on client requirements. Proofreaders review the translated content in two stages and score based on errors found. Learn more >

Transcription Translation does not always start with paper. Often the spoken word, whether captured live, from audio or video, must first be converted to text via transcription before the work of translation can begin. Transcription is the process of documentation “for the record,” review, analysis, and often for eventual translation. It allows us to hear stories as if first-hand, even if we were not in the room. Learn more >

Translation Maturity Assessment Whether you’re going global or working with non-English speaking customers, employees or patients, you are translating content. Too often, companies find their translation processes are decentralized, disorganized, and inefficient. An enterprise-wide assessment will help you optimize processes and maximize the value of your translated content. Learn More >

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