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Engaging and Activating Your Multilingual Workforce

Employee engagement is a real and persistent challenge for organizations of all shapes and sizes, even before language enters into the conversation, according to many studies like these shared by Gallup. When you employ a multilingual workforce, the communications hurdles are high, but the opportunities are great as well. It can be daunting to Human Resources, Corporate Communications, and department leaders to contemplate activating and engaging a multilingual workforce. Basic needs like training, information sharing, compliance, and building community and culture become more complex. Employing – and retaining – a diverse, talented workforce requires native language communications, listening, and access to critical information.

Enterprise Support for the Multilingual Workforce

There is a natural and genuine connection that comes from generating understanding between people who speak different languages. If your organizational DNA includes a multilingual workforce, instituting a comprehensive language service-based support system could give you an instant bump in employee engagement. Our InsideOut solution capitalizes on Interpreting, Translation, and Localization services to change the game by helping you connect with your employee base on a whole new level. Better reach and resonance of corporate messaging and training is a good place to start, but the impact has potential to affect customer interactions, digital and community advocacy, and even sales, just by communicating in your employees’ native languages.

Value Add to the Organization and its Multilingual Workforce

We work with you to pull your internal communications through any language and localize to any culture to optimize results and engagement, for example:

Employee Engagement

  • Give multilingual employees and workers the attention they need
  • Increase employee engagement through more frequent, customized communications, and access to information
  • Design, shape, and develop the Internal face of the brand, which is the culture and environment where the products/services are being created or delivered

Employee Advocacy & Customer Experience

  • Turn every single employee into an advocate by selling internally first
  • Provide better customer experience through more informed and more engaged employees
  • Embrace diversity as a source of pride, connection, and profit with a workforce that reflects the local culture and customer base

Compliance, Training & Safety

  • Provide better quality work and results through effective multilingual training
  • Keep your workers safe in your facilities or in the field through native language training
  • Stay compliant with regulatory, organizational, union collective bargaining agreement, and legal requirements and policies
  • Keep systems and facilities secured by providing multilingual security policies and instructions

Productivity & Continuous Improvement

  • Listen to employee feedback for issues and opportunities
  • Learn new ideas and concepts from your own employees
  • Review and adapt based on data, analytics, and reports
  • Collaborate to tailor your own solution incorporating language services
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