The TakeOwnership

Decision Support for Language Services Optimization

Heavy users of interpreting and translation language services frequently employ multiple resources, and the call is often made in the field. This can create challenges, uncertainty, and even chaos on many levels. From knowing who to call in the moment, to overall cost control, language services optimization is valuable and attainable. Informed executive oversight enables true cost management without sacrificing the quality of outcomes. It requires transparency across the system, consistent reporting, clear quality standards, and responsive resources.


A Framework for Language Services Optimization

Our TakeOwnership solution provides essential transparency while ensuring consistency and quality for language services optimization. We start by assessing the current efficiency and effectiveness with respect to procurement, execution, and management of language services. Knowing where you stand allows identification of potential cost savings through consolidation and productivity enhancements with an aligned decision and approval processes. With transparency and control in place, we can help you customize further to get to full optimization of your language services, including:

Centralization & Consolidation

  • Centralization of linguistic assets
  • Consolidation of language needs through one supplier
  • Ease of migration to a structured setup from multiple suppliers, freelancers and/or internal employees
  • Data, Analytics, and Reports are provided or self-served

Cost Transparency & Control

  • Gain ownership and control over spend, linguistic assets, and process
  • Cost efficiency and ease of budgeting
  • Gain and create transparency internally
  • Set financial limits on each channel, service, department

Compliance & Consistency

  • Rest assured that linguistic needs are handled by skilled, professional linguists
  • Consistent performance and language
  • Maintain Intellectual Property and Brand Consistency
  • Secured and HIPPA-compliant systems
  • Meet organizational and legal obligations


  • Adapt standardized processes for ordering, approval, tracking, storing, retrieval, quality, and reporting to meet your custom needs
  • We will help you tailor your own solution
  • You set the rules, roles, authorities, processes, and quality measures
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