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Stand Out By Fitting In Wherever You Are

Multinational organizations need to connect with stakeholders around the world. They must simultaneously be both authentically true to their brand identity and purpose, and genuinely relevant to their audiences. For many, the first part comes naturally, but the second part – cultural relevance, or localization – is challenging to articulate and even harder to execute. We take you beyond translation, enhancing credibility and improving the receptivity of messages by offering experience-based localization services. This means adapting the message and delivery to fit the target market’s culture, technical requirements, globalization requirements, and internationalization requirements. We help businesses, nonprofits, and government organizations address a vast array of elements, including social, political, geopolitical, governmental, belief system and linguistic considerations.

Website Localization

Effectively optimizing a website to a local or regional audience involves much more than simply translating content into a target language. Businesses and other organizations need a globalization solutions provider that has the capability to maintain the intended user experience across languages, cultures, and platforms. Learn More >

Mobile Localization

Many companies, organizations, and even governments are providing mobile-related content as well as developing mobile apps and mobile versions of their products. Given the highly personal nature of mobile devices, users typically expect that content and apps will be available in their native language, which makes localization critical. Learn more >

Multimedia Localization

Localization is essential to develop engaging multimedia experiences for international audiences. The opportunity to embed subtitles, captions, and voiceovers can also be key for getting the message across to individuals with disabilities. Learn more >

Software Localization

Globalization is spurring the need for software options that are localized to employees and customers. Vocalink Global offers comprehensive solutions for software localization, from development through testing. Learn more >

eLearning Localization

Whether organizations are developing or purchasing e-learning content or courses, consider localization assistance to adapt the content to the target audience. We offer a comprehensive array of e-learning localization services, including text translation; cultural assessment; adaptation of visuals, colors, animations, actors, and environmental factors. Learn more >

Relating to Audiences Via Localization

Why localization? Critical messages can get lost in translation if localization is not part of the expansion, sales, service and delivery process. Without a practiced eye to assess content and layout against cultural norms, everything from wordplay to graphics could come across as inaccurate, inappropriate or, worse, offensive. We apply an expert lens to your materials to tailor them for the intended audience. Our focus on distinct local language, customs, and visual cues includes color, imagery, calendars, numbering formats, measurements, traditions, geopolitical issues, encodings, currencies, and more. We can even provide a full cultural assessment to help businesses determine if a product or service is appropriate for the intended market—before you invest in a full-scale launch.

Customized Localization Services & Support

We support organizations with Globalization (G11N), Internationalization (I18N), and Localization (L10N) planning and implementation. Examples include marketing software; deploying a website or multimedia product; creating e-learning courses; preparing to launch a new product, service, or application; or developing an ad or public awareness campaign. In every case, we pair the right professional to meet all of your localization services needs. Our language services team is backed by specialized technical teams with expertise that spans programming languages, operating systems, applications, and platforms. Our innovative translation management platform, Vu, offers centralized management of project details, translation services, and translated assets so that our clients can access everything they need in one location. Just as important, our clients own the linguistic assets we provide, create, maintain, and host for them.

Language Services Provided

We deliver streamlined localization services across industries and media—from software resources and websites to e-learning courses and multimedia products, to mobile apps and point-of-sale displays.

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