When Is 2 O’Clock Not 2 O’Clock? It’s Time for Localization.

In my previous blog, “Are you Stoic or Expressive?” we explored one of the biggest cultural differences that impacts how patients communicate with healthcare providers, particularly regarding [...]

The Necessary Beauty of Body Language

In September of 2016, I embarked on the Camino de Santiago – a pilgrimage through the hills and cities of Spain. I only had two weeks’ vacation, so I started in Ponferrada with plans to end in [...]

The Opposite of English-Only Rules

It’s been more than a decade since “English-Only” workplace rules had their 15-minutes of infamy in the media. In the end, the bottom line was that U.S. employers must tread very, very carefully [...]

7 Ways to Improve Global Marketing Strategy

7 Ways to Improve Global Marketing Strategy The buzz in the marketing world tells us it is vital for companies to think globally about their marketing strategy. Widespread international access to [...]

CLAS Standards of Healthcare – Provide Easy-to-Understand Materials and Signage

In Part 1 of this blog series, we discussed National CLAS Standard 5: Offer Communication and Language Assistance and learned that, at its heart, this standard requires offering interpreters and [...]

Translation Quality: Best Practices of the Client-Side Reviewer

In Part 1 of this blog series, we discussed the role of a Client-Side Reviewer in the translation process, and the unintended negative consequences for companies that do not do so. In Part 2, [...]

3 Things to Do When You’re Doing Business in a New Country

If you’re planning to do business in a new country, you want to make sure it’s, well, the business. That means a lot of up front planning. Here are three essential areas for you to [...]

Why Knowing Your Customer Matters for Translation and Business

Know your customer. It’s the golden rule of doing business, both online and offline. Whether you’re a freelance service provider or you’re running a multi-million dollar [...]