The ConnectAnyHow

On-Demand Interpreting for Everyday Multilingual Communications

When your everyday operations and business success include stakeholders who speak different languages, there’s no time like the present. On-demand interpreting helps organizations connect anytime, anywhere, in any language. Many organizations need multiple languages at the ready for conversations with customers, employees, patients, members, stockholders, vendors,  and suppliers. The more frequent and dispersed the need, the greater the opportunity for a managed solution that maximizes understanding and eliminates uncertainty.

Save and Serve with On-Demand Interpreting

Vocalink Global offers The ConnectAnyHow, guaranteed, secured verbal communication involving live linguists on site, via video, or over the phone, and American Sign Language (ASL) on site or via video. Your stakeholders and constituents come first, and you get the best pricing available. Where a client needs help with multilingual written communications,  Vocalink Global will add additional services to the solution as needed.

Included in The ConnectAnyHow for On-Demand Interpreting:

Comprehensive Access

  • Skilled, professional linguists on-site, via phone or video
  • Instant verbal or signed communication whenever, wherever, and however needed
  • Accommodate small onsite meetings to large events with hundreds of participants
  • Add human touch to communications with overseas partners and employees
  • No channel limitations ever!

Quality Compliant Coverage

  • Secure and HIPAA compliant systems
  • Maintain compliance with regulatory requirements at optimum levels
  • Train new employees in their native language and stay compliant
  • Guaranteed SLAs for responsiveness, connect times, and quality

Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • Control cost of on-demand interpreting
  • Align services with situations
  • Set financial limits on specific channels or services
  • Access data, analytics, and reports
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