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Localized Market Engagement: Lead with Language and Culture

Breaking your brand into a new market is generally a complex undertaking. Having content that is tailored to the unique nuances of your target audience through a localized market engagement strategy can mean the difference between success and failure. There have been countless examples of some prominent brands failing in this effort. Articles from CNN Money and Business News Daily, among many other blogs and articles, detail some costly – and at times amusing in hindsight – missteps. With the Upstream solution, we simplify the process for you and avoid these missteps.

Ensuring an Engaged Target Audience

What works fine in one language or culture may be inappropriate or even offensive in another. The earlier and more deeply you embed language and localization into the market entry process, the less likely you are to make costly or embarrassing errors. Our Upstream helps to ensure an engaged target audience. When you culturally and linguistically assess the potential impact of your products, services, content, and campaigns in other cultures before you start putting them in the market, you set your brand up for success.

Major areas of impact include:

Product & Service Development & Delivery

  • Faster time to market
  • More effective strategies that consider languages and cultures as part of target consumer personas
  • Less risky market entry for products and services
  • Globalization considered throughout the product/services lifecycle from inception to consumption

Customer Reach & Satisfaction

  • Create a native experience for target customers
  • Avoid embarrassing cultural mishaps
  • Go beyond the sale by embedding language and culture in post-sale customer service

Process, Management & Measurement

  • Ease of first-time localization and creation of sustainable localization process
  • Save the costs of rush localization, re-engineering, content adaptation, products recalls, and brand damage control
  • Data, Analytics, and Reports are provided or self-served
  • Client tailor their own solution
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