Interpreters: Independent Contractors or Employees?

Over the past several years, the United States Department of Labor ramped up its scrutiny of the classification of workers as “independent contractors.” Both the National Labor Relations Board [...]

Video Content is King, Part 2: Video Translation Tips and Tools

In Part 1 of this Blog Series, Video is King: Engaging Diverse Audiences, we took a look at the primary options for video translation: subtitles (same and different language), closed captions, [...]

Video Content is King, Part 1: Engaging Diverse Audiences

When it comes to content marketing online, video is king. The 2018 Internet Trends Report tells us that mobile video viewing is up worldwide around 600% between 2012 and 2017.[1] On social media, [...]

Set Context for Content Localization Success

Without context, you cannot communicate effectively. Let’s look at a simple example: I read the book. How did you read the word “read” in this sentence? Let’s add some context: I read the book [...]

Localizing Beyond the Words: Images, Emojis, and Colors

In any type of content, words are incredibly important. As a language solutions company, Vocalink Global has a deep respect for language. Our linguists are experts at transforming a message from [...]