Language Services

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Transforming Communications in Any Language

Language is at the heart of each human interaction and every business transaction. Whether in conversation, on paper, online or in the real world, multilingual communication can be both a challenge and an opportunity. When companies expand across borders, communities expand the diversity of the population they serve, and people expand expectations for access and experience, language services almost always come into play. It might start with one document to translate or a single important discussion to interpret. You might have successful outcomes or even compliance on your mind. But where there’s one need or one goal for language services, there are many opportunities. With decades of experience, hundreds of languages, and a global team on call to ensure customer success, Vocalink Global has the tools to serve your immediate and broader languages services needs.

Interpreting Services

Providing a reliable, clear conduit to mutual understanding and desired outcomes in multilingual communications among two or more people.

Localization Services

Taking translation one step further by adapting the message and meaning to fit the recipient’s culture, in context with their surroundings and regional preferences.

Translated Document

Translation Services

Ensuring that your employees, customers, and suppliers receive your content, documents, packaging and digital assets accurately, in languages they understand.

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