Speaking of Language

Our team has a lot to say on the subject of language, along with the people, processes and technologies that surround it. Our thoughts are collected here, with frequent additions to keep the conversation fresh. Check back often for new posts, and Contact Us with any questions or topic ideas. Posts are displayed by date with the most recent first. To narrow down by topic, please use the categories to the right.

Overcoming Low Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency
It’s December and high school students across Ohio are taking “end-of-course exams.” These exams are one of the ways students
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The Twelve Terms of Translation
Thanksgiving is over and much of the world is getting ready to celebrate a full holiday season … Christmas, Hanukkah,
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The Interpreter Who Made Thanksgiving Possible
Americans celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November every year. Thanksgiving is rooted in the historic cooperation between the
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Language and Culture Factors Into PEST Analysis
When entering a new market, businesses must analyze the macro-economic factors that will affect strategic planning and success. This is
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Multilingual online patient/pharmacy portals increase patient adherence, which translates into better business for pharmacies displays on two portable devices
Multilingual Means Better Business for Pharmacies
The Internet is, perhaps, the most powerful tool in the world. It even has the power to get people to
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Another Google Translate Blunder
Google Translate is a pretty amazing, free tool. But when it comes to really important things – like the fundamental
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man aligns tools on table while demonstrating effective translation
How Culture Influences Technical Translation
Earlier this year, my colleague, Ahmed Kamal, blogged about a translation mistake that went undiscovered for thirty years and ultimately
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