Speaking of Language

Our team has a lot to say on the subject of language, along with the people, processes and technologies that surround it. Our thoughts are collected here, with frequent additions to keep the conversation fresh. Check back often for new posts, and Contact Us with any questions or topic ideas. Posts are displayed by date with the most recent first. To narrow down by topic, please use the categories to the right.

Strong Linguistic Voice
Your Brand’s Linguistic Voice
Have you witnessed two brands with similar offerings enter a new global market space simultaneously, and see one brand excel
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Marketing Translation Builds Strong Global Brand Identity
Strategic Marketing Translation Builds Strong Global Brand Identity
You’ve made the decision to take your company global. During that process, you’ve probably considered the idea of translating your
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Translation & Interpreting in Education
Let’s Get Educated – The Role Translation & Interpretation Play in Education
Professional translation and interpreting services share importance in the American educational system. These services ensure clear and accurate communication between
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Interpreter Appreciation
The Value Interpreters Share
What motivates people to get up each day and go to work? Some would say great pay, flexible hours, or
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Year of Indigenous Language
2019 – The Year of Indigenous Languages
In whatever situation you find yourself, communication is key.  That’s a no brainer. Yet, there are many people in the
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Down the Interpreting Rabbit Hole of Effective Communication
Down the Interpreting Rabbit Hole
The Joint Commission’s vision is for all people to experience the safest, highest quality, best-value healthcare. Of course, effective communication
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Translation Around the World
Translation Around the World
Translation plays a significant role in our daily lives. Not only does the art of translation pave the road for
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localization (l10n) and global content strategy
L10n. Localization Continued.
In our previous blog, L10n. Localization., we reviewed why localization, or L10n, is an important factor in preparing your content
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translation is key to business growth
Translation – The Solution You Need
In our recent blog post, Translation – A Service Rather Than a Commodity, we explored translation as a powerful component
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daylight saving time and culture
Daylight Saving Time Impacting Culture
This past weekend, about 40% of countries worldwide recognized Daylight Saving Time (DST) by shifting clocks across the globe. DST
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ASL and deaf community
31 Years Later – ASL & the Deaf Community
March 2019 marks the 31st year since the historic protest among the deaf community surrounding Gallaudet University’s election of a
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