Speaking of Language

Our team has a lot to say on the subject of language, along with the people, processes and technologies that surround it. Our thoughts are collected here, with frequent additions to keep the conversation fresh. Check back often for new posts, and Contact Us with any questions or topic ideas. Posts are displayed by date with the most recent first. To narrow down by topic, please use the categories to the right.

global translation accuracy
Global English. What Is It and Why Should You Use It?
In his recent Blog, “Translation Quality Assessment: Assessing Quality at the Source,” Vocalink Global’s Director of Localization Solutions, Mohamed Hassan,
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Globalization in the Gig Economy
It used to be that “going global” with your business was a big deal. The belief that “only the ‘big
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Language and Interpreting - Video Remote Interpretation
Language and Interpreting: Past, Present and Future
Sometime between 50,000 and 2 Million years ago, human beings began talking to each other. If our distant ancestors are
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Checking Culture
When Understanding Culture Is Key
While reading the book, “Caring for Patients from Different Cultures” by Geri-Ann Galanti, I came across a pretty interesting case.
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when pigs fly idioms
When Pigs Fly
When Pigs Fly Vocalink Global is headquartered in Ohio and many of our clients hail from Cincinnati. For those familiar
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job fair louisville
June Job Fair!
On June 1st, our team will be at the South Central Library in Louisville Kentucky for the Job Fair! When:
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medical interpreting
Medical Interpreting – Improving Outcomes
Language interpreting and translation are fundamental for caring for Limited English Proficient Patients. But creating a truly positive experience for
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transcreation blends creativity with translation in order to achieve accuracy in meaning and reception.
Transcreation: Translation + Creativity
Transcreation is a language industry buzz word that may sound a little intimidating. But really, it’s a pretty simple concept.
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