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Speed is of the essence in everything, it seems.  We know it.  We are in a hurry and we multitask. We invented hands free options so we can drive and talk and drive and text (isn’t voice to text amazing?).  We hate delays, avoid long lines, and even abbreviate “r” words.  And, we’re willing to pay a premium for speed. (By the way, this is not a judgement.  I, for one, couldn’t wait to get married so I got married in a drive-through in Vegas!)  

“Slow” is expensive for business.  Every minute we can save on time-to-market means more money. Speed builds momentum, which builds more speed. The translation world certainly is not exempt from the pressure for speed. 

Speed vs. Quality

The most common feedback we receive from clients is they would like their translation projects back faster. The ultimate goal for us word-nerds is to find a way to both obsess over providing the highest quality translation and also provide the quickest turnaround time.  But speed doesn’t always fit well in the quality equation.  Ever try to recreate your grandma’s slow cooked pot roast in 15 minutes? I bet the results wouldn’t be very tasty!   Translation companies the world over struggle to balance the demand for top speed and top quality.

Take Control

The good news is that clients have more control than they might think over the turnaround times of their translation projects while still receiving the quality they deserve. In this blog series, we’ll explore several ways to “rev our engines” and achieve both speed and quality in translation across several different types of content.

In Part 2, we’ll start in the marketing world and look at how your ad agency can be a catalyst for speed in translation for your global marketing campaigns. Specifically, we’ll target four key initiatives for speeding up your go-to-market time:

  1. Let go of the traditional “develop the campaign first then send it for translation” mentality.
  2. Embrace transcreation by integrating marketing and localization/globalization from the start.
  3. Take the time to consider the localization of your overall brand voice.
  4. Make use of modern technology to automate processes for content creation and maintenance.

Can’t wait to learn more about taking control of the speed of your translation? Connect with us today!

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