Medical Devices & Supplies

Supporting the Healthcare Ecosystem

Medical devices and supplies support health monitoring, preventative care, diagnosis, treatment, research and development. Where medical providers, healthcare facilities, and health educators guide healthcare consumers down the pathway to wellness, those who research, develop, manufacture, market, export, import and distribute medical devices and supplies build the pathway itself. From the simple bandage to the most complex, multi-million dollar robotic-assisted surgery device, medical supplies and devices underpin the healthcare ecosystem.

Content Supports Medical Devices & Supplies

The functionality of a medical device or supply depends heavily on the quality of the content that supports it. Installation, usage, safety and maintenance instructions enable your end users to enjoy the full benefit of your innovations. At the same time, content is key to innovating new medical devices and supplies and protecting your intellectual property investments. In fact, the entire life cycle of a medical device or supply involves documentation:

  • Research and trial documentation and forms
  • Focus group discussion guides and surveys
  • Technical specification and documentation
  • Intellectual property protection, including patent applications
  • User manuals
  • Installation and maintenance instructions
  • Safety documentation
  • Warranties
  • Buy-sell agreements and contracts
  • How-to-use videos
  • Marketing materials
  • Websites
  • Social Media
  • Demos and presentations
  • Customer  feedback from focus groups, surveys, or online forms

Protecting Your Innovations

Protecting your innovations at home and abroad begins by protecting your proprietary and trade secret information.  When your network of employees, consultants, suppliers, and specialists spans the globe, ensuring your contracts, policies, and procedures are heard and understood in any language is vital. Protecting your innovations at home and abroad continues by seeking intellectual property protection. Whether you’re trademarking a unique product name or seeking a patent on a new medical device or technology, your documentation must meet strict specifications and requirements that vary from country to country.

Broad Range of Know-How to Meet Your Needs

To protect your intellectual property internationally, market to a global network of buyers, and ensure safe and efficient use of your devices and devices and supplies anywhere in the world, you must communicate on a global level.  Our experience spans the breadth of the medical device and supply industry. We support your global and local initiatives with subject matter experts on everything from highly technical content to marketing a new product across the globe. Vocalink Global offers solutions and services to support you:

  • The GlobalBrand Solution supports your operations and/or sales beyond domestic borders.
  • Translation Services from subject-matter expert linguists on everything from medical product research and trial to marketing to international patent applications.
  • Interpreting Services to connect you with your business partners, consultants, and customers.
  • Localization Services to adapt your content to maintain cultural relevance in your target markets.
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