Localizing Your Content Lifecycle Strategy

The Content Lifecycle A quick internet search of the phrase “content lifecycle” will demonstrate two things: Having a good content lifecycle management strategy is important; and There are dozens [...]

Feedback – Legal Interpreter Training

Video Remote Interpreting: Top 5 Questions Answered

Video Remote Interpreting, or “VRI,” is an amazing blend of technology and humanity. Harnessing the power of live, streaming video chat, VRI offers access to tens of thousands of highly trained [...]

Ethics in Interpreting

Think back for a moment on all the training courses, “Continuing Education Units,” seminars, webinars, conferences and workshops you’ve attended throughout your career. Now, what one topic shows [...]

Back to School! A History Lesson on Diversity

In 1974 – just three short years after schools in San Francisco, California were desegregated following a federal court order – the Supreme Court of the United States tackled a different type of [...]

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Braille

When the topic “Language Access Compliance in Healthcare” comes up, most people immediately think of medical interpreters facilitating communication in Spanish or Arabic or Chinese. Others may [...]

Reducing Stress with Medical Emergency Interpreting

Let’s face it. Going to the hospital is not something that anyone does for fun. It’s called an “emergency” department for a reason. Now, for a moment, add to the chaos of an emergency [...]