The LanguageDepartment

Multilingual Communications Management

A Language Department is rare to find on a business organization chart, even when the company employs language services. Enhancing this visibility often results in a more streamlined communications process. With compliance, revenue and both customer and employee engagement at stake, no business can afford to fly blind.

How the LanguageDepartment Works

First, we take a look at your communications work flow and do a brief analysis. Then, our onsite or virtual program manager will follow our Success Roadmap and Platform to develop a unique solution for your business including insights into roles, responsibilities, budget, analytics, reports, dashboards, procedures, and quality management. This allows your team to focus on the direct priorities of your business while we keep both internal and external communications flowing smoothly and efficiently as needed. We do this by utilizing our global capacity to fulfill any and all linguistic needs you might have, including the various forms and functions of interpreting, signing (ASL) and translation to and from any language in any cultural setting. As always, we provide all services through secured channels and technologies that are open to integration with your in-house systems.

Creating Value in the LanguageDepartment

Vocalink Global offers a compelling solution to your linguistic challenges. Our deep focus and extensive experience in language services lay the foundation for the development of a simple framework for the customized optimization of your communications process. We can lead the department, be the department, or manage a combination of internal and external resources as a virtual department.

The LanguageDepartment Reporting Structure

We believe strongly that tracking and reporting are critical components to the success of any language program. We’ll manage the details and keep you as informed as you need and want to be, freeing you to focus on your other business objectives. Contact Us to explore your Language Department needs and opportunities.

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