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Welcome CareSource Providers!

CareSource partners with Vocalink Global to provide its members with interpreting services. Eligible Limited English Proficient (LEP), deaf, and hard-of-hearing members may request interpreting services during eligible visits to your facility. Through its partnership with Vocalink Global, CareSource makes it so easy for participating providers to access interpreting services through direct access to Vocalink’s online interpreting management system called “Tracker.” As a CareSource provider, this page will guide you through the registration process to use interpreting services. It also includes the terms and conditions, how to access the services, and helpful tools for understanding the various types of interpreting and when to use them.

Types of interpreter services

On-Site Interpreters (OSI)

Qualified spoken language and American Sign Language (ASL) medical interpreters are available for in-person, live interpreting at your facility.

Over-the-Phone Interpreters (OPI)

Professional interpreters are available over-the-phone in the following cases:

  1. When an onsite interpreter is not available
  2. As a backup or first option for short/routine medical appointments
  3. As a first option for rare languages not available for OSI per Vocalink’s language list
  4. As a first option when a member prefers OPI
  5. For emergency situations where there is no time to wait for an OSI interpreter to arrive

The Usage Policy has the full details.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

With VRI, you and your patient can visually connect and communicate with the interpreter during the appointment. VRI simply requires using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone that is connected to the internet. VRI may be used in the following cases:

  1. As a first choice for ASL when the visit will not last longer than 20 minutes
  2. For ASL emergencies
  3. As a first choice for other ASL appointments and/or spoken language appointments only with CareSource’s prior permission
  4. VRI may be offered as a backup solution when an ASL interpreter is not available onsite

Please refer to the Usage Policy for further details.

Who can request services

Types of providers

All active CareSource Medicaid, Medicare Advantage (MA) and MyCare providers may access interpreter services for eligible members.


Vocalink provides on-site services, OPI and VRI across Ohio.

Who is eligible for interpreter services?

Covered plans

You can access interpreter services for eligible members under the following plans:

  • CareSource Ohio Medicaid
  • CareSource Ohio MyCare
  • CareSource Ohio Medicare Advantage (MA)
You may request an interpreter for medical appointments outside a hospital setting. The following types of appointments are covered:
  • Network Physician Offices
  • Mental Health – Outpatient, Counseling
  • Dental Clinic
  • OB/GYN/Mammography/Ultrasound
  • Optical
  • Pool Therapy
  • Physicals
  • Speech Therapy
  • ENT
  • Urgent Care (OPI only)
  • Private Physician Offices leasing space in a hospital
  • Sleep Center
  • Chiropractic Care
  • PT/OT
  • Home Visits (care follow-up)
  • Diabetes Center
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Sports Medicine
  • Diagnostic Imaging/Ultrasound/MRI
The following types of appointments are not covered:
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Pre-admission testing
  • Same-day surgery
  • Anything inpatient
  • Anything within the Emergency Room (ER)/Emerency Department (ED)

CareSource Interpreting Services Usage Policy

The Usage Policy outlines the following key topics:

  • Types of interpreter services available
  • Provider eligibility
  • Member eligibility
  • Appointment-type eligibility
  • CareSource plans included
  • Scheduling timeframes
  • Terms and conditions for use
  • CareSource’s rights and responsibilities

To sign-up and start using interpreter services, please review the options below and select the one that most fits you.

  1. If you are currently a Vocalink client, but not a CareSource provider, and want to sign-up to use interpreter services through CareSource, please click here to visit the CareSource website to learn how to join the CareSource Network.
  2. If you are currently both a Vocalink client and a CareSource provider and want to sign-up to use interpreter services through CareSource, complete Steps 1 and 2, below. The Vocalink team will contact you to enable your account for CareSource appointments.
  3. If you are a CareSource provider, but not a Vocalink client, and you want to sign-up to use interpreter services through CareSource, complete Steps 1 and 2, below. The Vocalink team will contact you shortly to create your account.
  4. If you are not sure which option fits you best, please complete Step 1 only, and the Vocalink team will contact you shortly to assist.

Step 1: Contact Details

Step 2: Review and Sign Usage Policy After you have submitted your Contact Details, above, please click below to review and sign the usage policy. Review & Sign Usage Policy If you have any difficulty signing the policy online, please refer to the Resources section below to download the policy and sign offline.

Using Vocalink’s services is easy and convenient. After registering, Vocalink will reach out to you to assist with implementation and staff training. Additionally, the below resources are always available at this website for training new staff or a quick refresher.


1- How to Videos

The following videos are available to help you navigate through Vocalink’s Tracker Interpreting Management System and VRI Platform.

  1. Video 01
  2. Video 02
  3. Video 03
  4. Video 04
  5. Video 05
  6. Video 06

2- User Guide

CareSource and Vocalink have put together a step by step user guides to help you access interpreter services. Feel free to download, print, and share with your staff.

Download User Guide

3- Printable Usage Policy

We recommend that you sign the usage policy online using the secured link listed under Step 2 above, but if you have any difficulty signing the policy online, please download the policy below. When you connect with out team they will help you uploading the signed policy.

Usage Policy

4- CareSource Provider Services

Tel.: 800-488-0134

5- Systems

Feel free to bookmark these links for quick access to Vocalink’s services:

6- Language List

Vocalink is constantly recruiting to add language capacity to its team of qualified medical interpreters. Vocalink presently offers interpreter services in more than 275 languages, including OSI in 40+ languages, VRI in 60+ languages, and OPI in 230+ languages. Download the list for details: Vocalink Global Language List

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