The Global Brand

Positioning Makes All the Difference in the World

Expanding operations and/or sales beyond domestic borders presents valuable opportunities for many brands. Organization-wide considerations important for globalization include:

  • Product or service design, form, and function
  • Operations and logistics
  • Employee recruiting, training, and management
  • Customer segmentation, targeting, engagement, sales, service, and feedback
  • Vendor and supplier negotiation, collaboration, and hand-offs
  • Community involvement
  • Government and other legal compliance
  • Marketing and all forms of communications

The threads that run through every aspect of globalization are language and culture. Adding just one country with a different native language adds complexity, and even when the languages are the same, the cultures are unique.

Globalization Means Business

Delivering culturally relevant messages, tools, and resources in multiple languages through various channels in support of globalization takes a lot more than translation. It means ensuring cultural appropriateness, creating a native experience to global clients and employees, delivering consistent messages across channels, and, of course, avoiding unintended consequences. While you focus on the many other physical, technical, infrastructure, and financial aspects, we are the globalization change agent for your communications at every level. Vocalink Global builds local language and culture into the globalization process across applications and audiences through the Global Brand.

The Global Brand Solution for Globalization

Our Global Brand solution for globalization begins as early in the process as market assessment and continues through market entry and beyond, delivering value at every stage, including:

Comprehensive Access

  • Skilled, professional linguists on-site, via phone or video
  • Instant verbal or signed communication whenever, wherever, and however needed
  • Accommodate small onsite meetings to large events with hundreds of participants
  • Add human touch to communications with overseas partners and employees
  • No channel limitations ever!

Quality Compliant Coverage

  • Secure and HIPAA-compliant systems
  • Maintain compliance with regulatory requirements at optimum levels
  • Train new employees in their native language and stay compliant
  • Guaranteed SLAs for responsiveness, connect times, and quality

Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • Control cost of on-demand interpreting
  • Align services with situations
  • Set financial limits on specific channels or services
  • Access data, analytics, and reports