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Thanks in large part to the Internet and to advancements in technology, billions of consumers from every corner of the globe now actively and regularly engage online. Not only has this presented great opportunities for companies across industries to connect to overseas markets but it has also generated the growing need for specialized translation services

Translators with in-depth knowledge of your industry can help you effectively engage a larger, more multilingual audience by professionally translating (and localizing) your company’s content and marketing materials. Specialized translation goes well beyond a translator’s general knowledge in a certain field. Translators with extensive experience in specific disciplines have likely acquired advanced industry-related concepts and therefore possess the necessary linguistic and translational skills needed to ensure the highest quality of translation. Manufacturing is one such field that requires specialized translation services.

The Global Manufacturing Market 

The growing demand for manufacturing products and services throughout the world is generating an increasingly competitive global marketplace. From petroleum, chemicals, plastics, clothing, and textiles to electronics, advanced technology, metal manufacturing and more, the global manufacturing industry “account[ed] for nearly 16% of the global GDP”1 in 2018 alone.  

For decades, the manufacturing industry has gradually become more globally integrated. As such, it is vital to a manufacturing company’s continued growth to develop effective communication strategies for both their internal and external stakeholders.The more coordinated a company’s plant networks behave and the more “in sync” its international teams, the better positioned the company will be to successfully compete in global markets. But this is no easy feat. Manufacturing companies must build strong internal communication systems to keep their employees fully engaged and on message. The same can be said for external communications. Marketing materials must continuously meet the needs of the distributors, wholesalers, and end users. 

Internal Communication

USD 483 billion to USD 605 billion — that is the estimated annual cost the United States bears as a consequence of actively disengaged employees according to the most recent Gallup report on the “State of the American Workplace.” In fact, Gallup estimates that only 25% of manufacturing employees are fully engaged, representing 8 percentage points lower than the national US employee average. And for international teams, the statistics seem even more daunting. The Grossman Group, a US-based communications consulting firm, found that the further away employees were from their company headquarters or from the company’s CEO, the less engaged they became. But the horizon isn’t all bleak. Companies that make a concerted effort to communicate effectively and frequently with their employees are truly reaping the benefits.

It is clearly advantageous for manufacturing companies to invest in effective communication with their employees. The real trick, however, is also engaging effectively and regularly — either at home or abroad — with your multilingual employees in their preferred language. 

External Communication

Gone are the days when a manufacturing company could attract new customers merely through trade shows and engineering events. In fact, almost all communication has moved online, especially with the onset of COVID-19. In order to engage with your distributors and end users, you have likely started to invest in any number of modern marketing strategies. In addition to online trade shows and engineering forums, for example, you might now invest in lead generation forms, inbound marketing (whitepapers), email marketing campaigns, social media, and general promotional online content for your website. However, if you are not also investing in specialized translation to strengthen your outreach, you might be missing the mark. 

Specialized Manufacturing Translation

The manufacturing industry is now greatly driven by advancements in technology. As the industry continues to rely on the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, robotics and more, the need for specialized manufacturing translation will only increase. By providing clearly communicated details about your products and services in multiple languages, you’ll gradually increase revenue and improve the customer experience. Simply put, specialized manufacturing translation strengthens your company’s reputation and opens doors to new markets. 

Commonly Translated Manufacturing Documents 

The below chart lists only a few of the commonly translated manufacturing documents that you might wish to consider for your internal teams, your wholesalers and distributors, and your end users.


Internal Teams Distributor End User
Training and Safety Materials Sales and Support Literature Marketing Brochures and Catalogs
Call Center Communication Sheets Product and Service  Information Website Informational Content
Company Newsletters and Updates Order Sheets Social Media Content
Corporate Communications Legal Contracts Technical Service Manuals

By effectively translating your company’s key documents, you’ll be better able to maintain employee morale and connect to a wider global audience. 

Vocalink’s Specialized Translation Services for the Manufacturing Industry

At Vocalink Global, we understand the importance of accuracy when it comes to technical translations. That is why our translation services are uniquely designed to ensure that professional translators with extensive experience in your industry are assigned to each of your projects. Our specialized translation team consists of highly skilled, native-speaking linguists with industry expertise in technical and marketing collateral translation for the manufacturing industry.  

Not only does speaking to your target audience and international teams in their native languages just make good business sense, you’ll also find it easier to expand into additional markets. As a leading global provider of specialized translation services for the manufacturing industry, Vocalink Global offers you the experience and the expertise to fulfill your manufacturing translation needs. To learn more about our expertise in professional translation for the manufacturing industry, schedule time today to speak with one of our translation representatives.

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