Multimedia Localization

You Get the Picture: Audiences Should Too

In our multidimensional, multilingual, technology-rich world, multimedia has become a way of life. It is at the core of how we communicate, interact, learn, socialize and sell. But simply capitalizing on the technology capabilities is no longer enough. Now more than ever, multimedia localization is the lens that adds clarity and definition.

Multimedia Localization Brings the Message Home

Customers, employees, and other constituents want – even demand – dynamic, customized content and personalized experience, including full language accessibility and cultural relevance. That means that multimedia localization is essential to delivering your critical messages and collecting a return on your investment in multimedia delivery. Multimedia localization is essential in creating dynamic experiences that not only engage international audiences but also spur them to action and deliver results. The opportunity to embed subtitles, captions, and voice-overs can also be key for getting the message across to individuals with disabilities, which is not just helpful, but often required.

The Many Dimensions of Multimedia Localization

Our teams are experienced with all platforms, from presentation software to video, animation, product demos, and tradeshow events—even interactive learning and response systems. We assess not just the words, but the audio and visuals as well for cultural appropriateness. While we offer both video subtitling and captioning, we also provide voice-over recordings using different talents and tonalities to create a more natural experience for the target audience. On every project, we tap gifted linguists who double as subject matter experts for the industry to ensure the content fits the context.

More than a Snapshot

We offer a full development cycle of services, from assessment and adaptation through localization, engineering, and production. We can assist our clients early in the process so localization is embedded throughout the development process. At the conclusion of development, we test for linguistic, cosmetic, and functional components across operating systems, languages, and browsers to ensure the final product meets our clients’ expectations. We partner for success, helping our clients make an impact around the globe.

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