Monica Pimienta

Project Manager

About Me

My passion for languages dates back from year 2000, when I decided to pursue a career in Linguistics and Translation. I then decided to expand my horizons by studying other languages aside from Spanish (my native language) and English. Since then, I have been in constant involvement with the localization industry. I also enjoy teaching a lot. I taught Translation courses at college level for 5 years. I also have a background in media production.

Previous Experience

I received a master’s degree in Linguistics from Florida International University. I also have over 10 years of experience in the language industry as a linguist and localization project manager for other LSPs and the media industry as well.


How do I Create Client Value?

I bring value to the client by paying close attention to how they plan to use the piece of content they need localize and how we can make them succeed in getting their message across languages and cultures around the globe. I believe that orienting the client in the right direction is key to providing great service.


My Thoughts About Vocalink

At Vocalink Global we are passionate about becoming not only providers but insiders. We do this by listening proactively to our clients’ needs and fulfilling them with the use of technology and excellent linguistic resources, while considering the new tendencies in the world of language and communication.


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