Miha Knavs

Miha Knavs - Supplier Manager
Supplier Manager

About Me

I am a learner, an avid reader, and a nature lover. Whenever possible, I travel to explore nature and new cities. Often, such moments give me time to exercise photography, meet people, and enjoy new foods.

Previous Experience

I hold a BA in linguistics which started my career as an in-house linguist in one of the fastest growing translation agencies in the Balkans. As I was always amazed by technology and communication, and because serving clients was a top priority, I shortly moved into Project Management. The fast-paced, client-focused environment pushed me to nail communication skills early on and made me excel in serving demanding clients. Amazed with opportunities in the industry, my entrepreneurial spirit was unleashed and I started a niche translation agency, Abecednik, which I ran for five years. During that time, I was awarded the Content Marketing POMP 2013 award for my monthly newsletter and was awarded for best translation at Translation Words Cup 2014. After gaining visibility in the language industry, I shifted my focus to vendor management, and joined the largest regional LSP to develop talent pools of linguists.

How I Create Client Value

I believe in the power of human beings, teamwork, and communication. When the right technology enters the mix, I believe we have the perfect recipe for success. I bring value to Vocalink Global’s clients with my strong people skills that allow me to attract the most talented and reliable independent, professional linguists.

My Thoughts About Vocalink

Vocalink Global is passionate about empowering companies to be heard and understood. We listen and hear YOU, we create value for YOU, and YOU can always rely on us.

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