Jo Valor

Recruiter/ Sr Spanish Interpreter.

About Me

I am the first immigrant of my family in the United States.  I was born and raised in Venezuela.  Spanish is my first language.  I moved to the United State at the age of 20 and Kentucky has been my for a few years now.  Music and photography are two of my passions as well as staying involved in the arts and cultural activities in Louisville.

In my spare time, I like enjoy hiking, traveling and engaging with other people and cultures.

Previous Experience

I have always been very passionate about different cultures, languages, and communications.  After moving to the United States, I worked hard to improve my English skills by reading and learning idioms first hand from my friends in Kentucky.

I attended Mass Communications School at the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello in Venezuela. While in school, I had the opportunity to start my communications career in a couple of small radio stations in my hometown. Hosted a radio show, alongside the commercial aspects of a radio broadcast, working with different real state agencies, local restaurants, and private businesses doing commercial voice-overs and voice-off.

My interpreting career started soon after moving to the United States. I divided my time working as an interpreter and as a photographer for some time. 

In 2017 I joined Vocalink, as a part-time Spanish interpreter. I became a full-time interpreter in August 2018. Currently breaking through my new role as part of the administrative staff as a Recruiter, helping talented bilingual individuals begin or move forward with this rewarding career that is Language Interpretation.

I have been designing and developing software solutions for 12+ years. My work centered on designing user experience, developing software integrations, web conferencing solutions, working with different databases and business intelligence tools for top Fortune 500 companies.

How do I Create Client Value?

I create value for Vocalink Global’s clients by embracing open communication, by connecting them through the proper channels and my fellow teammates.

In my spare time, I like hiking, traveling, and engaging with other people and cultures.

My Thoughts About Vocalink

Vocalink Global has been the perfect place to find a home for my passions in communications, connecting people across language and culture, empowering them to have a voice, and to reduce their fear when they have limited communication skills.

Working here makes you feel like I am giving back!



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