Emily Hattar

Emily Hatter - Regional Recruiter
Regional Recruiter

About Me

I love to cook and bake, especially if I have an exciting new recipe to try. I am an expert shopper and am the resident fashionista of Vocalink Global. I spend time traveling every year, including visiting family in Morocco and Jordan … always with a stop off in Europe!

Previous Experience

I studied medicine while living in Russia, receiving my Master’s Degree from Voronezh Academy of Medicine in 1999. I moved to the U.S. shortly after graduating and worked in various medical practices, including physicians’ offices and clinics, until 2002. I took some time to work in my family businesses – a car dealership and a coffee shop – between 2002 and 2010, while raising my family. I began interpreting in the medical and educational fields in 2010 and joined Vocalink as an interpreter in 2011. After six years of interpreting with Vocalink, I was promoted to Senior Interpreter and Recruiter in 2017.

How I Create Client Value

As a Recruiter, I create value for Vocalink Global’s clients by not only recruiting on-site interpreters for the most needed languages, like Spanish and Arabic, but also working hard to find qualified interpreters for rarer languages to meet specific client needs.  

My Thoughts About Vocalink

Vocalink Global is a place where you can grow. For my teammates and I, Vocalink Global fosters an environment of continuous improvement. We are encouraged to try new things, learn new skills and hone them, and take on challenging new projects, helping us to grow both personally and professionally. For our clients, Vocalink Global is a place to explore the ways in which language can meet their own customers’ needs and grow their businesses by reaching a wider audience.

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