Dwayne Watkins

Strategic Account Manager
1800 Envoy Circle Suite 1808 Louisville, KY 40299

About Me

I live by the motto "Never take criticism from anyone you wouldn't take advice from".

Previous Experience

I previously worked within the commercial/industrial manufacturing and commercial/residential industries with equipment design, sales, and installation. With the knowledge and experience I have gained throughout my employment history, I know the importance of being a well-organized, proactive, and assertive listener and communicator.  I perform my best work under pressure and have learned to problem solve in a quick and professional manner.  My experience has made me creative, energetic and a results-oriented person who enjoys networking, interacting and building relationships with others. 

How I Create Client Value

I bring value to the client by strategically optimizing their process and tailoring our language solutions so that they align perfectly with the client's needs and requirements.

My Thoughts About Vocalink

Vocalink Global is passionate about making sure people are heard and are understood. Everyone is important at Vocalink Global and all ideas, opinions, and suggestions are head, considered, and utilized.

Location Groups
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