Cameron Rife

Accounts Payable/Receivable Specialist

About Me

Classic nerd/geek is pretty much the best way to describe me. I like things like anime, Dungeons and Dragons, and getting lost in a good story. I am a big fan of playing videos games when I can.

In school I was part of the men’s choir! I love to sing and plan to join a city choir when I have free time.

Previous Experience

While attending college I worked for five years in customer services with Meijer, helping consumers with their electronic and photography purchases.  After completing my BA in Accounting at Wright State University, I worked at Premier Health as an accounting intern, supporting the department with various accounting functions to gain experience.

How do I Create Client Value?

I bring value to the client by making myself available for questions and concerns, then answering them to the best of my ability or finding the answer that is needed to satisfy the client.

My Thoughts About Vocalink

Vocalink opens doors for all those who thought language barriers would stop them. Vocalink is one key in bridging the gap in languages that makes life easier for both sides.



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