Amelia Rodriguez

Amelia Rodriguez - CEO
Chief Executive Officer
405 West First Street Dayton, OH 45402

About Me

I am passionate about learning. From books to blogs to videos to conversations with clients and colleagues around the world, I try to learn something new every day. Outside the office, I love to dance the tango with my husband, cook both traditional Peruvian dishes and cuisine from around the world, and spend time with my granddaughter.

Previous Experience

My passion for language was born from my experience as a new immigrant to the United States. My family and I faced major language barrier challenges. I learned the language fast and quickly became my family’s language spokesperson at the tender age of 13. This started me on the path to becoming a language interpreter. My interpreting career led me to found Vocalink Global in 1995 and for the past two decades, my personal mission and Vocalink Global’s mission have aligned: helping people and brands be heard and understood.

How I Create Client Value

I feel good about myself when our solutions make our clients’ world a little better. One of our company values is “We Create Client Value.” We commit to make business better for our clients, to always be solutions-minded, and to create amazing client experiences.  In essence, our clients are everything to us!  My title may be “Chief Executive Officer,” but really, I’m more of a “Chief Innovator.” Over our 20+ year history, I’ve pushed the envelope to develop innovative ways to make it easy for our clients to communicate and for international brands to put their stake in the ground in a way that is loved and respected.  

My Thoughts About Vocalink

Vocalink is literally a dream come true for me. I knew on an instinctive level, from a very young age, that I wanted to help people and companies from different countries and cultures communicate with each other. From my early beginnings as a court interpreter to my first tentative steps into the language services industry, I always kept at the forefront, my vision to help people and brands be heard and understood. Today, Vocalink Global is the embodiment of my vision. We are the catalyst for multilingual communication, helping people and brands in the U.S. and around the world be heard and understood.

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