Ahmed Kamal

Ahmed Kamal
Project Management Team Lead
Cairo, Egypt

About Me

My career is centered on working with people and brands all around the world. This gives me a first-hand opportunity to learn about different cultures and help connect them.  I enjoy traveling, photography, music, and culture. I also appreciate opportunities to participate in charity activities in Cairo -Egypt, specifically those impacting orphans and animal shelters.

Previous Experience

After receiving my BA in Computer Engineering, I began my career in information technology. Having language and cultural diversity as my passion, in addition to 12 years of experience in localization project management, I've been able to deeply learn about clients’ localization needs. This has allowed me to provide maximum value, help, and education for clients about the different aspects of the localization process. This has enabled me to showcase solutions they need to make their words be heard and understood!

How I Create Client Value

At heart, I am a business-oriented person. My focus is on business needs and helping businesses grow. I bring this perspective to every interaction I have with Vocalink Global’s clients. I often take on a consultant or advisory role, helping my clients get to the root of their language needs. This allows us to work together to develop the best solution. Once a solution has been developed, I take accountability for seeing the project through to the end, from managing tight deadlines to working with teams across different time zones, all while maintaining Vocalink Global’s high-quality standards. I know that my clients rely on me and trust me to help them every day and it truly gives me a feeling of pride and personal satisfaction.

My Thoughts About Vocalink

Helping people to be heard and understood is a purpose, a goal, and a message to deliver. We believe that eliminating language barriers is a way to help a lot of brands and individuals succeed globally. With creating client value as one of our core values, we take satisfaction in helping our clients deliver their message and make sure they have been heard and understood.


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