Management Bio

Amelia Rodriguez

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder

Amelia Rodriguez founded Vocalink Global in 1995, and has served as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) ever since. Prior to founding Vocalink, Amelia began her career as a freelance interpreter after studying language at Michigan State and Wayne State Universities. Her personal experience and affinity for languages led her to found Vocalink, “making communication with the world easy in any language.” This passion for clear communication – being not just heard but understood – is what fuels the flame burning deep in the heart of her entire organization.  She believes that true communication happens only when this dynamic occurs. The focus is not on the services Vocalink “sells” but what they believe, which inspires the entire organization to come to work each day— turning this belief into a working reality. Among her proudest accomplishments are her grown daughter and son and an amazing granddaughter. An avid reader and movie buff, Amelia loves all kinds of popular culture. She lives in Springboro, Ohio, with her husband, Patrick, a retired federal agent. In their spare time you will find them dancing tango, a heartfelt passion they share. To learn more, visit her LinkedIn Profile.

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