Language and Culture Factors Into PEST Analysis

When entering a new market, businesses must analyze the macro-economic factors that will affect strategic planning and success. This is true whether the business is venturing across town, across [...]

Translation: Quality In = Quality Out

When you’re thinking about translating content, one rule applies: garbage in, garbage out (GIGO). The phrase is originally from computer science, and it means that the output you receive is [...]

Another Google Translate Blunder

Google Translate is a pretty amazing, free tool. But when it comes to really important things – like the fundamental right and privilege of American citizens to vote in public elections – [...]

How Culture Influences Technical Translation

Earlier this year, my colleague, Ahmed Kamal, blogged about a translation mistake that went undiscovered for thirty years and ultimately cost a country hundreds of millions of dollars in [...]

Video Content is King, Part 1: Engaging Diverse Audiences

When it comes to content marketing online, video is king. The 2018 Internet Trends Report tells us that mobile video viewing is up worldwide around 600% between 2012 and 2017.[1] On social media, [...]

Localizing Your Content Lifecycle Strategy

The Content Lifecycle A quick internet search of the phrase “content lifecycle” will demonstrate two things: Having a good content lifecycle management strategy is important; and There are dozens [...]

Delighting Your End Users

We’ve all attended some sort of business conference, trade show, or convention. The typical focus of these events is the current state of and/or future of an industry. This year, the [...]