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On behalf of the Vocalink Global team, we welcome you to this informational page. Here you’ll find information about the Vocalink language solutions and services available to RALEIGH REGIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® members.

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Multilingual Communications Solutions

Vocalink Global and RALEIGH REGIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® have partnered to offer RRAR members digital and printed multilingual communications. From standard document translation to fully-integrated technology solutions, Vocalink Global ensures that your message is heard and understood across languages and cultures.


Transforming content from one language to another.

Translation transforms written content from one language to another with a focus on translating the message and preserving the writer’s intent. Content areas covered include marketing, legal, technical, sales, customer experience, compliance, training, and communication. Commonly requested translation includes company news and events communications, such as newsletters, websites, brochures, policies, procedures, contracts, consent forms, and legal documentation.

Desktop Publishing

Manipulating the layout of English and/or translated documents and web pages.

Desktop publishing is the process of perfecting the layout of a document including text along with any visual elements. After translation, a document or web page may need to be altered to accommodate different languages text, differences in character size and shape, and the expansion or contraction of words that require more or fewer characters in another language.


Inserting text corresponding to the dialogue in a video.

Subtitling inserts text corresponding to the dialogue in a video either in the same language as the speakers or in a different language.

Voice Over

Replacing the audio track in a video with one in another language.

Voice over, sometimes called “dubbing,” replaces the audio track in a video with one in another language using voice talent to bring life to videos in other languages, capturing tone and emotion in a way the written word cannot. RRAR members can use voice over to ensure videos look and sound native, and that content is easily understood by its global team.


Transforming audio/video content into the written word.

Audio and/or video content can be transcribed to create a script, with or without a description of other auditory cues like music and sound effects. Transcription is often the first step to translating audio or video content for subtitling, closed captioning, and/or voice over.

Braille Transcription & Printing

Transcribing and/or printing English documents in Braille or Large Print.

English documents can be transcribed into and printed in Braille to create accessibility for blind and vision impaired Braille readers. For documents not available online and reader-enabled, Braille printing remains the #1 choice for the blind community. Large print is also provided for readers with poor vision.

Conference Interpreting

Interpreting at conferences, meetings, presentations, and other events.

Conference interpreters facilitate communication in large events, such as conferences, meetings, and presentations. Using headsets for communication, conference interpreters use simultaneous interpreting techniques to allow audience members to participate in any language. Conference interpreting is especially helpful when training multilingual groups on new technologies and in-person team kick-off meetings for major projects.

Video and Over-the-Phone Interpreting

Language interpreting using live video/audio streaming technology.

Video and over-the-phone interpreting allow individuals to connect to a remote interpreter to help facilitate communication. Video interpreting works on laptops, smart phones, and tablets equipped with a speaker, microphone, webcam, and reliable internet, whereas phone interpreting simply requires a land-line, mobile, or VoIP telephone connection.

The Translation Management Platform “Vu”

Vocalink Global provides RRAR members with direct access to Vu, Vocalink Global’s online Translation Management Platform. This secure, cloud-based system allows you to:

  • Request translation, localization, desktop publishing, transcription, video services, and Braille services services;
  • Receive, review, and approve project quotes;
  • Interact with Vocalink Project Managers;
  • Download completed work; and
  • Access on-demand reporting.

Feel free to bookmark “Vu” URL (https://vu.propio-ls.com), or click on the button below to navigate to Vu:

Vocalink Global’s Blog

Check out Vocalink Global’s Blog for informative and timely news and articles impacting multilingual communication. Additionally, we’ll update this page frequently with Blogs from our archives that can help Liberty Mutual users effectively communicate across language and culture. The below series focuses on Translation Quality Assessment:

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