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On April 19th, Vocalink starts another The Community Interpreter training (TCI) in Cincinnati. Led by our certified trainer, Fern Leland. TCI is the most exciting, comprehensive foundation program in community interpreting in the U.S. and perhaps the world. It offers the only comprehensive textbook in the field. It represents the most topical, up-to-date approach to community and public service interpreting in the U.S.

Fern will focus on medical, educational and social services audiences addressing all three sectors of interpreting placing a huge emphasis on the application of ethics and standards to real life. Outside hospital settings, the work of medical and community interpreters is often chaotic and confusing. The program uses such models as the five steps for mediation (intervention); three steps for “how to say no”; CHIA ethical decision-making guidelines; and a unique cultural mediation model to help interpreters to think on their feet when they face challenges.

The program incorporates intense practice sessions (skills building and role plays) into each of the five days, with a wide array of role plays and supplementary activities for trainers to select from according to their audience.  Vocalink will dedicate 30% of program time to practice sessions.

If you would like to be part of this class please call our office today or visit our website,, for more details.

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