Video Translation

Press Play in Any Language

Video is increasingly used as a foundational tool for training, sales, marketing, communications, security, and disability support. It can engage audiences in a way that print or basic audio cannot. But when members of your intended audience speak different languages, even the video falls short without video translation. Vocalink Global provides expert video translation and processing solutions to make sure our clients’ videos can be heard and understood by international audiences.

Reading Between the Lines in Video Translation

We have the capability and expertise to translate and process the source language in different formats. Our insight extends beyond video translation to how the actual information is presented in subtitles and captions, affirming that language direction, punctuation, line breaks, text size, and ligature are all adapted to the target audience. Our video translation team is experienced working with a variety of video formats and will adapt to the original video settings, sizing, audio codecs, fonts, frame settings, and format. We are also experienced with localizing videos for desktop, web, and mobile platforms. The emphasis is on quality to ensure seamless synchronization of audio, video, and caption timing.

Additional Services to Support Video Translation

Voice Over services often accompanies video translation, replacing the current voice in the video with another voice in another language. There are a number of related services frequently used in concert with video translation to allow people with hearing disabilities to experience and engage with the video along with their colleagues, friends, and family. Services include:

Subtitling or Subtitles

Transcription or translation of the dialogue within a video shown as text on the video screen when sound is available but not understood by the viewer, because either the dialogue is in a foreign language, or the viewer is not able to hear.

Closed Captioning or Closed Captions (CC)

Includes subtitles plus a description of what is happening in the video like sound effects, musical cues, and other relevant audio information, mainly to give the audience more feeling of what the video sounds represents. (Shown as text on the video screen.)

Transcription of Content

When the video file has no written dialogue accompanying it, then a transcription task is performed to write down the content of the video. Where transcription is required, the requestor must specify whether to transcribe as subtitles or captions.   Our video translation and processing service is followed by a thorough quality assurance check to ensure all text, layout, sizes, fonts, line breaks, audio, orientation, and playing settings are set according to the source video. We additionally offer localization and cultural assessment solutions to verify that text, characters, content, and visuals are appropriate and acceptable for targeted cultures. Our innovative translation management platform, Vu, offers centralized management of project details, translation solutions, and linguistic assets so that our clients can access everything they need in one location.

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