Translation Quality Assurance

A Measure of Confidence

Translation requires a deep understanding of both the source and target languages and cultures, as well as sincere efforts to recognize meanings, messages, and the intent of the original content. Translation Quality Assurance means that you can trust that what you mean to communicate is actually what is understood. If understanding original content is subject to individual comprehension, then the translation is even more subjective since it requires the same level of comprehension of and the talent to convey it in another language.

Translation Quality Assurance: Know It When You See It

Our Success Framework outlines the components of assuring quality. It runs through the full planning and execution cycle from needs all the way to feedback, including all of the people, process and technology considerations along the way. Collaboration is essential in every case, and the Role of the Reviewer is mission-critical. With a focus on customization, optimization, simplicity, and flexibility, we designed our own quality management system. We use customized workflows based on client requirements and the nature of each project.

Our Translation Quality Assurance & Management System

With decades of experience in translation and related language services, we were able to create a translation quality assurance program that is adaptable, repeatable and comprehensive. The process is a bit different every time but always includes reviewers and proofreaders with access to the same resources as the translator, two stages of review, a collaborative platform were QA professionals record, categorize and assign value to errors, and recommendations. The process gives clients the confidence that their stakeholders are getting the intended messages. And if problems surface, they also have the information needed to make adjustments and improvements. For a more in-depth review of translation quality assurance, review our blog series on the topic:

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