Translation Maturity Assessment

The Power of Data

Going Global? Working with non-English speaking customers, employees or patients? Then you are translating content.  But do you know who is translating your content? How your brand voice is being managed in other languages and cultures? How to get content translated? Where to find a translated document? Whether you’re translating into the right languages? How much you’re spending?

Too often, companies find their translation processes are decentralized, disorganized, and inefficient. To optimize processes and maximize the value of your translated content, Vocalink Global offers its Translation Maturity Assessment.

Analyze to Optimize

Vocalink Global’s Translation Maturity Assessment employs DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) six-sigma methodologies to analyze and optimize translation practices on an enterprise-wide level. Using a structured process, we determine the “who, what, where, when, why and how” of:

  • Translation Procurement Practices and Procedures
  • Use of Brand Guidelines/Language Style Guides for Translation
  • Performance of Translation Services
  • Quality Assurance Practices
  • Translation Spend
  • Storage, Transfer, Maintenance, and Re-Use of Translated Content

Visibility And Control

Vocalink’s Translation Maturity Assessment gives you visibility and control over your translation practices and spend. The final report provides insights into:

  • Inconsistencies and/or inefficiencies in procurement practices, and recommendations for improvement;
  • Quality practices, including any over-reliance on untrained, internal staff;
  • Global brand consistency and identification of brand dilution;
  • Budgeting, cost savings, and cost predictability;
  • Methods for reusing translated content;
  • Key languages and any gaps in translated content for those languages;
  • Effective linguistic, quality, and process service-level metrics, and more.

By evaluating your translation practices on an enterprise-wide basis, the Translation Maturity Assessment provides the data you need to optimize your translation practices. Connect with us today to learn more.

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