The Translation of Intent

When you need to be more creative than you can get with “straight translation” when adapting your materials for the final audience, consider transcreation. Translators apply a working knowledge of their field, mother tongue, and locale to ensure the language nuances are correct. With transcreation it is not about words anymore, it is about concepts, values, emotions. It is not as much about saying the same thing in both languages as it is about getting the same reaction in both languages.

Transcreation Takes Translation to a Different Place

Take marketing and advertising copy for instance. This is the type of copy to which the term transcreation is usually applied. It contains all the different aspects such as emotion and cultural references, making it difficult to create a straight translation. Translating these texts, therefore, requires a lot of creativity and the need for a skilled transcreator educated to the highest degree not only in both languages but in the industry as well. Ready to go global with a product or service? Make sure your brand and marketing materials can span both the language and cultural divides with Vocalink Global’s agile transcreation solutions.

Our Approach to Transcreation

Transcreation ensures our clients’ marketing, branding, advertising, sales, games, social media, e-learning, and video production are highly visible and meaningful to local audiences. Vocalink Global’s transcreation specialists are skilled linguists and savvy industry professionals who are experienced with the art and science behind branding and marketing campaigns. Our team partners with clients’ creative teams to gain an in-depth understanding of the brand and the project objectives, positioning, emotional intent, and messaging. We then develop a strategy based on each target market culture, language, maturity level, traditions, beliefs, and cognition levels. We work across formats and platforms. With this research and a full creative brief in hand, our professionals develop all of the materials needed to support the product or service, including powerful content, slogans, taglines, campaigns, and advertising, along with supporting print and online materials. Our team will also develop visuals, storylines, links, and examples that will resonate with the target audience.

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