Marketing Translation

A World of Difference in a World of Opportunity

Going global is the next frontier for many growing companies. That means marketing in multiple languages, and that can be a complex proposition. Businesses need a reliable marketing translation partner that knows how to eliminate barriers by delivering consistent messaging across different formats, in different languages, for different cultures. We even assist our clients with developing a globalization strategy that is built on our extensive experience with reaching target markets across cultures. Our deep pool of gifted translation professionals combines their language skills with a keen knowledge of our clients’ industries to deliver optimal translation. We understand the art of marketing and the science of customer segmentation.

Going Deep with Marketing Translation

Our clients can be as creative as they want; no matter if the content is in print, audio, video, or animation, our skilled professionals will translate the content to the target language. To help our clients collect the right information for their brand, we translate customer feedback, focus group discussions, even survey results and online feedback forms. For those companies whose market research demonstrates a need for a complete revision of their messaging, our transcreation services can assist. Further, we adapt our solutions to fit the platform for our clients’ messaging. From online content and video to print collateral and innovative point-of-sale displays, our team is equipped to work with our clients’ selected media and technology. The result: Our clients get their message across to engage and inspire customers around the world.

Marketing Translation for Content of All Shapes and Sizes

We confidently handle the following types of marketing and sales-related content:

  • Email Communications
  • Pre-sales Content
  • Sales Support Documents
  • Trade Show & Event Assets
  • Social Media
  • Presentations
  • Print Collateral
  • Websites
  • Videos
  • Demos
  • Audio/Podcasts
  • Focus Group Discussion Guides
  • Surveys
  • Online Form Creation
  • Customer Feedback from Focus Groups, Surveys, or Online Forms
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