Website Localization

When the Keyword is Relevant

To stay competitive in today’s global economy, organizations doing business internationally need to offer a web experience that is localized for target markets. Effective website localization involves much more than simply translating content into a target language. Businesses and other organizations need a globalization solutions provider that has the capability to maintain the intended user experience across languages, cultures, and platforms. We are experienced with the distinct specifications required to manage website localization for business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) websites. E-commerce websites are dynamic, and require an agile approach to localization; we deploy a set of workflow and integrations that facilitate the process of updating the website into different languages.  Our flexible workflow and advanced technology platform make the process easy for our clients.

Our Approach to Website Localization

Still in the design phase? We will partner with your internal and external marketing, content and web development teams to provide a completely integrated, secure, cost-effective solution. This involves all aspects of website development and maintenance, including content, meta data, SEO, keywords, encoding, direction, fonts, imagery, design, color and more. By pairing experienced localization services with technical expertise, We offer localization services that concisely represent our clients’ identity, brand, and messaging online. We understand the intricacies of working with responsive and mobile-friendly sites and the adaptability required to localize different types of sites. We work across file formats, technologies, and content management systems seamlessly. At the conclusion of development, we thoroughly test linguistic, cosmetic, and functional components across operating systems and browsers before the localized site goes live. We support our clients’ desires for going global by helping them in their Globalization (G11N), Internationalization (I18N), and Localization (L10N) planning and implementation.

Sustaining and Maintaining Website Localization

Vu, our cutting-edge translation management platform, provides seamless integration via API connections, extended web services, and optimal security. It enables us to directly connect with our clients’ web content management system and globalization management system, and efficiently flow source and translated content between the two systems. It also facilitates long-term partnering to minimize the cost and time required for ongoing updates to the site.

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