Software Localization

Make Understanding Part of the Program

Globalization is spurring the need for software options that are localized to employees and customers. Our team offers comprehensive solutions for software localization, from development through testing. Our demonstrated experience working around the world in any language, using any format and platform, makes software localization easier and software more effective. For every project, we select professionals who are skilled not only in the target language but also with the appropriate type of software. We handle all manners of software localization and development, including applications, programs, tools, utilities, and even drivers for web-based, desktop, client-server, and point of sales systems, smart devices, and more.

Our Approach to Software Localization

Our holistic approach encompasses both the user interface and the user assistance components. These can include help systems, printed/online documentation, technical documentation, support articles, release notes, and knowledgebase articles. We also offer localization engineering, including:

  • Dialogues/controls resizing
  • Setting orientation
  • Setting reading order
  • Other functional and layout-related activities

We work with predefined workflows that align with agile software development, and we will integrate with your workflow. For optimum efficiency, we work with development teams during the design phase to ensure all software is developed with localization in mind. Our teams seamlessly integrate our people and technology into the client process for both online and offline systems. Vu, our cutting-edge translation management platform, allows us to minimize the cost and time for releasing localized versions, minor updates, and patches. At the end of development, we ensure the software performs as intended by testing linguistic, cosmetic, and functionality components on different operating systems, platforms, languages, and browsers.

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