eLearning Localization

Understanding is the Key to Knowledge

E-learning is increasingly popular in academic institutions, businesses, government, and other organizations. It helps provide cost-effective, as-needed and on-demand education, training, special needs support, and security to audiences around the globe. With so much at stake, eLearning localization is crucial to ensuring the subject matter is both heard and understood by the local audience.

Benefits of eLearning Localization

International companies faced with the challenge of change management often seek to socialize corporate culture and values across international cultures. They also need to extend consistent ethical, technical, security, and managerial training to employees. The more varied and dispersed the audience is, the more valuable e-Learning Localization can be. We provide localization assistance to adapt e-learning content and courses, whether in-house or off-the-shelf, to address the target audience. Our comprehensive array of e-learning localization services includes text translation; cultural assessment; adaptation of visuals, colors, animations, actors, environmental factors and more.

Our Approach to eLearning Localization

Language is no barrier for us. We have a skilled technical team that can work across technology platforms to offer voice-over, video captioning, and overall production assistance. We review each product for both native language and cultural cues, ensuring the content, graphics, animations, and subjects are appropriate for the intended audience. We can assist early in the process for those still in the design phase, so localization is embedded throughout development.  We are positioned to partner for the long term, using our Vu platform to minimize the cost and time required for processing updates. Vu is our cutting-edge translation management platform. It allows us to directly connect with our clients’ authoring systems to efficiently flow source and translated content between the two systems. We systematically test linguistic, cosmetic, and functional components in all languages across operating systems, platforms and browsers. We maintain the highest standards of quality because we recognize our clients’ reputations and results depend on it.

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