Onsite Interpreting

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Understanding – and being understood – is a universal need and a frequent challenge in critical situations, sometimes even for those who speak a common language. When multiple languages come into play, the stakes go up, and onsite interpreting becomes a welcomed catalyst for progress. We provide personalized onsite interpreting for clients at any location around the world. Our interpreters are acutely aware of their role as cross-cultural facilitators and are committed to prompt, refined, confidential service. Their attentive approach and professional conduct pave the way for peace of mind and clear, transparent multilingual communications in every situation.

Who Needs Onsite Interpreting?

From business negotiations, professional conferences, and technical meetings, to medical or social service appointments, trials, and depositions, it is essential that all parties involved, no matter what language they speak, hear and understand the same messages. With more than 275 languages in our portfolio and certified interpreters on staff, we can easily meet the needs of our clients across a range of industries, including Financial, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Insurance, and Government/Legal.

Who ARE the Onsite Interpreters?

Our on-site interpreters are employees, not contractors, so we can assure their quality, training, and commitment to client success. They pass a rigorous series of pre-screening tests, undergo a comprehensive interpreter selection process, submit complete legal and medical documentation, and are shadowed by senior interpreters before ever providing interpreting solutions on their own. Our linguists also have access to one of the best training programs in the industry. Recognizing that our clients rely on attentive and accurate interpreting to meet the needs of their customers, Vocalink staffs certified trainers for “The Community Interpreter,” a nationally recognized 40-hour training program that delves deep into ethics, protocols, strategies, cultural mediation, and other critical skills that define effective interaction across languages and cultures.

Compliance Requirements for Healthcare Providers

The Joint Commission’s accreditation standards, combined with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Title VI’s prohibition on national origin discrimination, and several other state and federal laws and regulations all lead to a single mandate for healthcare providers: provide professional language services for your Limited English Proficient (LEP), deaf, and hard-of-hearing patients and caregivers. Maintaining compliance with these laws and regulations starts with supplying competent, compliant, and culturally-aware medical interpreters as well as translated vital medical documents. But simply hiring a language service provider or training an in-house interpreting staff is not enough. Our Life Science interpreters are prepared to support effective communication, confidentiality, and are HIPAA and IMIA Code of Conduct compliant.

Getting Connected for Onsite Interpreting

Onsite interpreters are available for quickly and easily scheduling appointments through Tracker, our online language management platform. To learn more about the advantages of onsite interpreting solutions, visit our FAQs page.

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