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Business Focus Changes the Conversation

The language and culture of business are as important as the languages and cultures of the world. Understanding the structure, dynamics, systems and protocols of the business at hand allows tailored solutions and optimal service for your specific needs. Vocalink Global works with clients in many industries around the world and companies of all sizes. That experience highlights several industries where our services make the greatest impact. Together with our proven Success Framework, our industry expertise enables us to hit the ground running with Enterprise Solutions and Language Services in terms that address your unique industry needs.

Key Industries Served


From back office and plant floor to smart screens and stores, clarity is at the heart of brands that produce. Our work with Manufacturing clients boosts productivity, profit and brand positioning while always ensuring safety, security, and compliance.  Broad and deep solutions for the manufacturing industry include:

  • Product Development & Delivery: injecting linguistic and cultural considerations into the process from the very beginning
  • Globalization: expanding operations and/or sales across borders
  • Localization: ensuring that your communications resonate beyond words wherever you engage
  • Employee Engagement: communicating across channels and delivering all-important training in the native languages of your diverse workforce

Payers, Providers, and Patients navigating the complex world of Healthcare have enough to worry about. Language should not be a concern, and it doesn’t need to be. Our extensive work in the Healthcare industry delivers improved outcomes across every aspect of language services, including:


Insurance invariably involves deeply personal matters, which require absolute clarity and reliability. Security and safety are at stake. We help insurance companies provide comfort and confidence through comprehensive solutions like:

  • Translation Services: ensure that both you and your clients are understood in any format or channel, including secure, accurate translation of data and figures in compliance with all requirements
  • On-Demand Interpreting: helping organizations connect anywhere, anytime, in any language with interpreting services that ensure accuracy and security of personal data
  • Transcription: documenting the spoken word, often from call centers, assuring the security of personal data, compliance, and accuracy in eventual translation
Information & Communications Technology

Information and Communications Technology companies know the code to bring communications home anywhere in the world. What customers and employees see is only the tip of the iceberg. We work with developers from the design phase through the user interface to ensure language and culture are embedded in the systems and processes. When language gets complicated, we help simplify with solutions including:

  • Multilingual Communications Management: customized oversight of your language-related people, processes, and technology
  • Cost Control: decision support for languages services optimization through transparency and control
  • Website Localization: agile workflow and integrations that facilitate the process of updating websites into different languages (and more)
  • Software Localization: apps, programs, utilities, drivers for web-based, desktop, client-server, and POS systems, smart devices, etc.

Federal, local, nonprofit and social services employ and support diverse constituents with diverse needs. There is another level of legal and institutional requirements that create complexity and bureaucracy. Government agencies, suppliers and contractors have added compliance requirements where language and equal access are concerned. We enable compliance, cost management, and access, with solutions including:

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