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I am a student of the science of customer service. Since I was a kid I have been intrigued by finding ways of making something better, or easier. No bones about it, much of this came from being lazy really… I would daydream schemes of how to turn in my homework without actually doing it. Or how to change a channel on the tv without getting up from my seat.

My dad actually invented a rigged remote channel changer that rested on the chair arm from where he could turn off the sound of the tv during commercials because he hated their annoying blasting volume. That was pretty innovative, I think, when you consider he engineered it in the early 60’s. Over the years this kind of thinking has shifted for me a little from “how can I make my world easier for me” to “I wonder how my client dreams of his world being made easier”.

This is probably why the other day I stumbled upon a most amazing article called An App That Makes Customer Service Hold for You.

This app, if installed on your iPhone or Android, helps you connect with a customer service rep of your company of choice. The brilliance of it is that you don’t have to call and get placed on hold. Quite the opposite happens. The customer service department actually calls you! Is that like genius or what!! Now that’s what I call Customer service innovation!

Now I don’t want to spoil the fun by telling you how this amazing brainiac inventor came up with this solution or how he engineered it. I am just going to let you look for yourself so that you can become a student along with me. Read it. It is so much fun! Better yet, let’s go try it together! Here I’ll make it easy for you.

Oh, one more thing. What if I called up this genius inventor and suggested that his app would really blow itself out of the galaxies if it not only alerted the company to call you but it also warned of your need to speak Russian because that is your language! Wowski! Should I call the guy?

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