Speaking of Language

Our team has a lot to say on the subject of language, along with the people, processes and technologies that surround it. Our thoughts are collected here, with frequent additions to keep the conversation fresh. Check back often for new posts, and Contact Us with any questions or topic ideas. Posts are displayed by date with the most recent first. To narrow down by topic, please use the categories to the right.

L10n. Localization.
Many website translation projects which language service providers such as Vocalink are completing today require a process known to the language industry
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Advancing effective communication in healthcare interpreting
Recently, I have been thinking a lot about how the medical interpreter certification could, potentially, have a direct impact on the number
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Medical translation. A well hidden secret.
How to reduce an interpreter’s patient face-to-face encounter time at healthcare facilities. Ching!! Ching!! A preferred partner who can provide an enterprise-wide solution
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Compliance in the interpreting field.
Compliance to the industry’s standards is a key factor in any business, but in our line of work it is
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2012 Joint Commission new requirements for LSPs. Are you ready?
As you know the Joint Commission Standards for Advancing Effective Communication, Cultural Competence, and Patient and Family Centered Care are
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good customer service
Good customer service? Comin’ up!
Seriously? When you have been on both ends of customer service you get a clear picture of why it works
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How to partner on an opportunity
There are many types of partnerships in forming a business relationship with another company.  Why do it in the first
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Translation Source Files. The good, the bad and the ugly.
The source file is the most important document in the translation process. The source file, which is the file that is
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The value to the Prime in a MBE partnership. Part 2.
In my last post I planted the seed in the minds of the Prime contractors as to why it’s advantageous for THEM
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What is Language Locale?
It is the question that I ask the most.  Let’s set up a scenario: Vocalink receives an email for translation from a
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Why is corporate blogging good for business? The open kitchen approach.
As I am responsible for our company’s social network, I had to answer a specific question that, although not voiced,
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