Speaking of Language

Our team has a lot to say on the subject of language, along with the people, processes and technologies that surround it. Our thoughts are collected here, with frequent additions to keep the conversation fresh. Check back often for new posts, and Contact Us with any questions or topic ideas. Posts are displayed by date with the most recent first. To narrow down by topic, please use the categories to the right.

Stylistic preferences in language translation. Stir the language pot.
The subject of quality has run the full gamut of discussions in our world of language translation. Quality in translation
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The value to the Prime in an MBE partnership: Part 1
I have been working in the area of supplier diversity for over 10 years and it still surprises me how
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How to make customer service hold for you? There’s an app for that!
I am a student of the science of customer service. Since I was a kid I have been intrigued by
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From personal to corporate blogging – Jump!
I started blogging on July 04, 2003. I lived in Portugal at the time, so the size and scope of
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Blogging 2.0 – migration underway
A while back, Vocalink’s blog migrated from to our own platform. Now, we are up and running on our
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