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A Parallel Story

Amelia Rodreguez

My Story is not unique, but it embodies the experiences of millions of people. It is a parallel story of America’s immigrants. My family’s relocation from Peru, South America to the US meant a whole new continent, new country, new city and street. It also meant a totally foreign world of words that we did not understand.

It was an adventure of adaptation for my older brother, Alejandro, and me, but for my mother, it was fear of the unknown and an isolating feeling of deculturation. Thank goodness for childlike resilience; we helped to keep things bubbly and light, as we shared our new experiences in school and playtime with new friends. Additionally, through practice, I became the official English-speaking voice of the family, learning legalese, healthcare lingo, shopping, and all things life, by the age of 13!

What I saw and felt then, particularly in my mother, was the incredible power and freedom that came with clear “understanding” during a given dialogue. There would be relief evident on her face when I could help her understand situations in which she felt lost. It was very fulfilling for me. It took my mom years to learn English, and I remained by her side, as she called me her shining warrior, helping her navigate the obstacles of verbal and written communication. It was then that I knew I had the ability, and more importantly the inspiration, to serve as an agent of communication for others.

Meaningful Understanding at the Heart of the Company

My personal experience and attraction for languages led me to found Vocalink in 1995, becoming the people and brand agent for multilingual communication. It also opened my eyes to the multimillion dollar losses of corporations whose rocket-powered product launches go crashing down in countries that do not “get” either the brand’s name or their product’s purpose. This passion for communication, “of being not just heard but also understood.” is what fuels the flame in the heart of our entire organization.

As founder and chief innovator at Vocalink Global, I consider it my mission to inspire our people and our clients to drive the “be heard, be understood” purpose. It’s simple but profound. I believe that true communication happens only when this dynamic occurs. The focus is not on the services Vocalink “sells,” but in what we believe, something that inspires the Vocalink people to come to work each day and make our purpose a working reality.

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