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Our Vocalink Family is just that—a family made up of clients, team members, and the communities we serve. As are many of us, your business is operating in a different fashion, treading in unknown waters, and hurdling daily challenges until you get past the turmoil.

This week, Vocalink saw an increase in phone and video-remote interpreting appointments. On-site interpreters are impacted by COVID-19 restrictions like school closures and self-quarantines, just like so many other workers in Ohio, and the capacity to provide on-site interpreting may decline during this crisis. We encourage you and your business to plan to transition to remote interpreting back-up options. Our team is prepared to set up clients with immediate Over the Phone (OPI) and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) services. Lisa Stokesbury is personally available, as is our entire team, to answer any questions you may have.

We’ve also seen an increased need to translate written materials regarding COVID-19, such as response plans, entrance screening protocols, health and travel screening forms, and instructions for patients in quarantine at home. We stand ready to assist you in translating your print and digital COVID-19 content. Please speak with Lisa to setup translation services for your business.

The health, safety, and overall wellbeing of our family, and yours, is always our top priority. We are implementing a Yellow-Orange-Red condition plan to protect those at risk with work-from-home options now and to prepare for full work-from-home should it become necessary. We are further implementing a “telephone/video conference only” restriction for all meetings with clients and outside vendors, and strictly limiting visitors to our physical offices. Vocalink’s COVID-19 Response Plan is also available on our website and will be updated regularly as we continue to pivot with the changing conditions.

Thank you for being a Vocalink Global client. These are challenging times, but I want you to know that we stand ready to help however we can. We understand the critical role we play in the functioning of your multilingual communications, and we are continually grateful for the trust you place in us.

Together, we can get through this.

Amelia Rodriguez - CEO
Amelia Rodriguez Visconti
Founder and CEO

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